Commissions will be earned by referring players to our products with your unique affiliate links. We offer a competitive revenue share model based on the net-revenue and number of new real players a month.

Netgaming Solutions provides you with all the marketing tools you need and you can always contact us for special requests to increase your conversion and revenue.

Commission schedule

You will earn a percentage of the net-revenue of the players coming through your affiliate link. The percentage is depending on the amount of the net-revenue.

Besides that we give an extra revenue share percentage based on the number of real players you bring.

Net revenue Percentage
€0.00 - €10.000 25%
€10.001 - €25.000 30%
€25.001 + 35%


Net-revenue calculation

We apply a fixed percentage (administration fee) of 18% from the gross revenue. One of the lowest percentages in the industry.